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Healthbuk is a suite of healthcare management software that leverages the secured power of cloud computing coupled with artificial intelligence to assist in the provision of a seamless and convenient health care.

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Since the inception of Healthbuk, our mission has been to provide products and services that makes healthcare delivery convenient and stress free using the industry's compliance document and contemporary technology solutions.
Healthbuk has kept up with changing requirements, whilst never wavering from its core mission to reduce your workload.

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Our strong culture of continuous improvement ensures our platform is frequently updated with new features and enhancements.

Real Time Analytics

Healthbuk knows your health centre more than you do. Healthbuk refines your medical records into useful data all powered by AI and securely sits on our cloud servers.

Responsive Design For All Devices

Runs well on all major Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge etc.), all OS (Windows, Linux, macOS) and all Devices (Tablet, Laptop, Phones, Desktop etc.).

Cloud Computing

99.99% uptime, backed by competent cloud service providers, always up to date with contemporary and state of the art computing technology. No data loss, no hardware failure.

Secured and Robust

Secure Sockets Layer
Web Applications Firewalls
14 Rounds 256 bits Advanced Encryption Standards.

SMS Alerts & Notifications

Alerts and notifications delivered to your inbox. Realtime patient notifications for appointments and laboratory results pickup.

Offline capabilities coming soon

Internet or no internet, Healthbuk will work perfectly with no downtime issues.

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Congratulations, you are LIVE on Healthbuk, experience the seamless, convenient and easy way of managing your Health centre.

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Our passion drives us to work hard and deliver outstanding results so we can be the best in our niche. Hear what our clients have to say about Healthbuk.

Installation of Heathbuk's Healthmanager was pretty easy. We have been Healthbuk's customers for some time now and we have had nothing but an amazing experiences with Healthmanager. Very intuitive and easy to use- I like this platform.

Alice Hushie

Cross road Clinic

I have used variant management software but I think this is the best platform I have ever come across, very simple to use at an affordable cost.

Dr. Allotey

Cross road Clinic

The future of Digital Health Care has come. Indeed Healthmanager is redifining Digital health care.

Kwasi Takyi

All Nation Hospital

Medical Folders in the cloud! I only have to click to retreive it. No more searching for documents on shelves.


Lamedicare Limited

As an administrator, tracking all of our branches sales and records unlike before has become very easy unlike before. Labmanager has relieved me from the hustle to consolidate data from all branches. It does the consolidation seamlessly.

Vanessa Buckley

Buckley Diagnostics Medical Center

Very intuitive!, I love the user interface and its fast.

Opoku Nyarko

Hope Health center

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a couple of questions you could possibly want to know about Healthbuk. Please contact us for more details and answers to other questions you may have.

At Healthbuk, we don’t compromise on security, we prioritize on security and we do everything possible to store your personal information collected on secure end-to-end encrypted servers that are managed by our skilled pool of cyber experts who put our platform on a 24/7 surveillance. Personal information that we store is end-to-end encrypted with contemporary hashing and encryption algorithm, not even the Healthbuk team or our service providers (Google, Amazon web services ) have an idea about whose data and what data have been collected.

The Healthbuk team comprises of a team of professionals made up of:
1. Medical practitioners - A pool of Senior and junior medical practitioners seeing to it that the application solves a need.

2. Information Security Analyst - Protecting both physical and digital information from destruction or unauthorized access.

3. Developers - A pool of full-stack developers making sure the application is up and running and free from bugs.

Healthbuk does not have affiliation with any third party company or platform to share data collected on patients from health centres. Data collected are securely encrypted and stored on our servers.

Healthbuk offers unique features such as:

  1. Patient notifications when (a) appointments and review dates are due; (b) radiology and laboratory results are ready for pick up; and (c) when and how to take drugs..
  2. Healthbuk gives the patient the ability to access their medical records anywhere and every time.
  3. Healthbuk does not require any in-house networking and installation.
  4. No maintenance or upfront fee is required.
  5. Healthbuk allows sharing of patient records between health centres.
  6. Healthbuk is coupled with artificial intelligence to help improve healthcare by assisting medical practitioners in decision making when diagnosing patients.
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